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As a lampwork artist, one of things we have to deal with are fumes and other undesirable things that could enter our lungs, so ventilation is a must!  In my laundrio, I had an overhead cooker hood, but it was ugly and noisy, and in my new studio, I would need two, as I wanted to have space for another torch.

I took inspiration and advice from Julie Fountain of Lush Lampwork, who'd created a beautiful studio.   

Her studio had ventilation under the worksurfaces and then out through the wall. It was beautiful and discreet and didn't spoil the look the studio!

I did the same with vents in the worksurfaces, joined onto a powerful fan (hidden behind the far right bottom unit), and then out through the window.  It would have been better to go out through the wall, but we felt we didn't want to damage the walls incase we needed to sell the house!  I never shut the door to the studio when I torch, the house is large and open plan downstairs, and should hopefully provide enough return air.

Lampwork studio renovation

(Excuse the poor photo!).

Lampwork studio renovation

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