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There we have it - the finished studio!

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Well, all done now!  It's fantastic to work in - I love it!  I spend soooo much time in here and no longer feel shut away as I did in the laundry room!

I am so proud of myself, as I did everything on my own - the only help I needed was to put the wall cupboards up!  

What do you think????

Lampwork studio renovation

Lampwork studio renovation

Lampwork studio renovation

Lampwork studio renovation



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  1. Beads by Stephanie

    Hi Shawn, sorry for the so late reply - I hadn't had the blog set to notify me when comments where made. Anyhoo, it seems to work fine - passed the joss stick smoke test with flying colours! How's yours coming along?

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  2. Shawn MacFadden

    your studio looks awesome !!!. i have a question. how well is your ventilation working ? i have my vent running along the wall , under my work space , similar to yours. i was going to bring it up through the table top and goose neck it back down with a hood of some sort would be really ugly to look at !!! yours looks great !!

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