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About me



About Me

My name is Stephanie Gough and I am a lampwork bead artist, based in the northern Suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.  I started lampworking in July 2008, and I'm so excited to be able to show you some of the beads and jewellery I've made in my home "studio".

 Yes, I melted the glass and made the beads!!

Then they are carefully annealed in my digitally controlled kiln and cleaned (and occasionally given a little extra treatment for a matt finish). A large pendant bead typically takes about an hour to make in the flame.

I discovered lampwork beads when I was designing and making my own jewellery, so I originally started out making beads for use in my own creations. Although the major part of my business is now making beads for jewellery makers to use in their own designs, I also really love to make jewellery too.

Lampworking has quickly become an obsession, there are so many colours of glass available, each with their own properties and peculiarities.  They can be combined, swirled and layered over each other to get some very interesting colours and effects.  There is always something new happening, new glass available, new techniques to learn - there is no chance of ever getting bored with it!!

Don't forget, all my beads are handmade, handcrafted, handshaped, handmixed, handformed ... so there will inevitably be some variation in sets and some of my beads are unrepeatable one-off creations.  In my jewellery you will find that all the silver components are Sterling Silver - I like to produce a quality piece that will last you forever.



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