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Worktop problem!

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One of the problems I had to deal with was the worktop - the problem being that to buy a ready made worktop, was a) expensive and b) they weren't wide enough!  I needed the working area to be much wider as I didn't want to be too near the wall with the torch, especially the hot head torch as it produces a much larger flame.

I decided to make one for myself - I got some chipboard and cut it to size, I had to join it in the middle as I couldn't get a really large piece in my car (I have a Toyota Tarago, which has been a godsend in getting wood etc. home!)

Lampwork Studio renovations

The next issue was making the worktop burn-proof, as it has to deal with hot bits of glass etc.

It was fortunate, but when we built our home, the builders always leave any spare tiles etc. behind.  They'd obviously over-ordered the tiles we have in our kitchen and we had tons of them in the garage....

Lampwork Studio renovation.

So, after covering the worktop with plasterboard to give a good tiling surface, they, along with some aluminium sheets became the burn-proof surface I needed...

Lampwork studio renovation

 I used some pine strips to finish the edges!


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