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  1. So, I have been making beads for 3 years or so now, and all that time I have been huddling in the laundry room, sharing with the tumble drier and the washing machine!  And it suited it's purpose well enough for a while....

    This is my "laundrio" (as I'd affectionately called it!), almost right at the beginning, when I'd upgraded from my hot head.

    See how tidy it is.......

    It's inevitable with a hobby/interest such as lampworking that everything grows.... the amount of glass, tools and bits and pieces I have, has probably quadrupled since these early days - maybe even more!

    I dread to think exactly how many thousands I have spent!  Shhh....don't say anything to my DH!  

    So, here is my laundrio just before the renovations.......

    It's a total mess and I was finding it hard to work in there, and kept coming out for breaks.  Tidying it was something I tried to avoid, much to my DH's annoyance!

    Now, we live in a fairly large house and my hubby is lucky enough to have a games room with a 3/4 size snooker table - his pride and joy.  And to be fair he uses it a lot - playing matches regularly with his best mate.   So in a tactical move, I kinda hinted that I would like a larger space - no....not the snooker room...heaven forbid :D :D :D !!

    We have a study, which houses the family computer and all the household paperwork etc.  And also all my jewellery making bits and bobs, but we have never decorated it, and it often looks a bit messy and tatty.

    So hooray, I have permission to take over part of the study for my bead making!!!

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