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  1. Another go at gold fuming and then sandblasting - getting there....

    Gold fuming is done by placing a tiny piece of 22 or 24k gold in the flame of the torch and hold the bead to be fumed higher up in the flame. The gold vapourises and travels along the flame, coating the bead in a thin layer of gold. If you are using clear glass, the gold turns the clear a beautiful transparent pink initially and the more you apply, the thicker the layer of gold.

    This happened to this bead, and I kinda hoped that when I sandblasted the surface, that the pink would remain, but unfortunately it didn't.  Nevermind, still a beautiful bead!

    Other side....

  2. Adventures in Sandblasting! I have been longing to try sand etching my beads for ages, and finally got round to purchasing the bits and bobs required. Got tons of ideas for making these beads! Here is my first bead (that I am kinda happy with) - transparent teal that has been fumed with 22k gold and then sand etched.

    This is the other side of my sandblasted bead .....

  3. A girl can never have too much glass, that's what we say lol!

    I had some plumbing tubes that I'd made into storage in the laundrio, but needed more! So I paid a visit to the local plumbing centre....

    Lampwork studio renovation

    After lots of cutting and sticking together....

    Lampwork studio renovation

    I have masses of colours, but not in massive amounts, just half a kilo at most of each colour.  I separated each tube with a little wooden insert to give 2 for the price of one!

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